How To Instal A Maxx Air Fan

Written by Blake

Why Did We Chose a Maxx Air Fan?

First I will share why we chose the Maxx Air Fan instead of the plethora of other fans you can choose from. If you are looking for instructions, scroll down to the ninth paragraph; there’s a list and a video. Also, all of the products we used to install our fan are listed at the end of the article. After looking at TON of options, there were three main features that separate each fan from one another.

  1. The amount of speeds.
  2. The direction of the air-flow – blowing air out and sucking air in.
  3. The ability to use it in all types of weather.

Let’s talk about the amount of speeds the fan has. It’s pretty common for fans to have three speeds: low, medium, and high. However, the Maxx Air fan has ten speeds. Since we aren’t going to be putting in an a/c unit, the more speeds, the better. This was a huge plus for us when making our decision. If you are going to be putting in an a/c unit, or are staying in cooler climates, a three-speed fan may be okay for you.

Direction of Air-Flow

This was really interesting to me because there were some fans out there that only had one direction. You could either suck air into the van, or blow air out of it. Again, based on the climate you will be in mostly will determine what you need. We are planing on traveling to many different climates so we wanted the ability to open a window for a wonderful cross-breeze. It’s also helpful for cooking and sucking out steam/smoke. We also wanted the ability to pull fresh air in and have it blow on us at night. This was another great feature of the Maxx Air fan. Fans that only have one direction are about $50 cheaper so if you are on a super tight budget, you could opt for a single direction fan.


This was something that was just an added bonus of the Maxx Air fan – it can be used in the rain! Now, this isn’t something that is 100% necessary. However, I LOVE the smell of fresh rain. One of my favorite things to do when it’s raining is open a window and sit on the couch with my french-press and read a good novel. Since you can’t open a van window when it’s raining, opening our fan and pulling that fresh rain air in was a great solution for us.

Getting the Maxx Air Fan

So, the Maxx Air fan checked all of our boxes so then the only decision we had left to make was which model we were going to get. We wanted to go with the black model (they call it smoke) since have black accents on the van already. We also decided to go with the model with the remote since it was only $10 more. That conscience for the price was worth it to us. So after our decisions made, we ordered it! It was really easy to order, we just used Amazon and had it within a couple of days.

If you want to get the Maxx Air fan that we purchased, you can click the link below.

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Where Should We Put It?

In Sprinters, there are a couple places we could put the fan. Near the front of the van there is a spot that is indented for a fan. However, we really wanted it to be above our bed for good air-flow while we sleep. We played with the idea of putting it as far back as possible to make room for our solar panels. But to do that, we would have to either hammer down some of the metal corrugation in the roof or add some firing strips to make it sit evenly. We had seen people do that before, but it wasn’t something we wanted to do to our brand new van.

Then, PJ realized that three sections in, there were some more flat spots on the roof! Putting the fan there, we would get ventilation while cooking, and we would also get a nice breeze while we slept. To us, there was no other option, this spot was perfect! We didn’t put it exactly in the center (length wise) of the section because the gap where the roof was flat was a couple inches into that section. But, when the ceiling is installed, you wouldn’t be able to tell so that won’t be a big deal.

Installing the Maxx Air Fan

Here is a breakdown of the steps we took to install the fan. Below the steps, we put a video of it as well! The video isn’t as detailed as we would have liked. But, PJ and I are both visual leaners so we believe that it helps to see the process in action. Also, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us! You can email us, or you can DM us on Instagram.

  1. Measure, Measure, Measure!
    • In a van you will want to create a centerline measurement and use that as your base-point. In a house you would use a wall to measure everything from. However, in a van the walls get more narrow towards the back so measuring from the wall would throw everything off.
    • Using your centerline, measure 7″ to the left, and 7″ to the right, making a total of 14″.
    • Then, measure 7″ in front , and 7″ behind, making a total of 14″.
    • Now, you should have a square that will perfectly fit your Maxx Air fan.
    • Make sure to mark all of your measurements so you know where to cut.
  2. Tape a trash bag around where you will be cutting to catch all of the metal shavings.
  3. Drill Holes in the corners to make cutting easier.
    • Use a drill to make a hole in each corner. This will allow you to cut easier.
  4. Cut the hole!
    • Take your jigsaw and cut the spaces between each hole. The large piece of metal and the tiny shavings should fall right into the trash bag.
  5. Sand the edges of the hole.
  6. Put butyl tape down around all sides of the cut.
    • This will help seal the screw holes to prevent water from leaking inside.
    • This step is optional but we HIGHLY recommend it. The more watertight you can make your van, the better in our opinion.
  7. Drill in the frame of the fan.
    • While sitting on the roof, take the white frame and place it onto of the butyl tape, into the hole that you cut.
    • Take the screws that the fan came with, and screw them all through the butyl tape, into the roof of the van.
  8. Now you can put the fan in!
    • From the roof, lower the fan into place.
    • You will have screws poking through the ceiling but don’t worry. When you have your ceiling put in, those will be covered up.
    • There is also one extra piece that you will have for when you put your ceiling in. This will cover the hole and make everything look nice and tidy.
    • I will place a picture here of what it looks like when the ceiling is in. We are a couple weeks away from that still in our build process. 🙂
  9. Seal it off.
    • Use self-leveling sealant all around the edge of the fan.
    • Make sure to cover any gaps between the frame of the fan and the roof, as well as the screw holes.
    • Make sure you are on level ground before you put this down. We did the previous steps of our install in a driveway that was on a slant so we drove to a flat parking lot before applying the sealant.
  10. Wait for it to dry.
    • We waited about an hour to drive home and were careful to take the least bumpy roads.
    • By the next morning it was fully dry and okay to drive!
  11. Clean off the roof.
    • Make sure to rinse off the roof very thoroughly. It’s hard to tell where all of the little metal bits are flying off to.
    • This is something we didn’t do right away but wished we would have.
    • We noticed a few weeks later that we had a couple little yellow marks on the roof and the hood of the van. Like, sooo small it kind of looked like a squashed gnat. We think that they are little rust marks, though, from the little metal pieces flying around. There is no way to tell for sure if that’s what happened, but we feel it’s better to be safe than sorry so we would advise you to just take the extra step to rinse it all off afterwords.
  12. Attach your fan to your electrical system.
    • We will be working on our electrical system in the next few weeks so I will be making a blog post about how we attached our appliances when we have that done!

These are affiliate links, which means we receive a small percentage of the revenue made from purchasing this product through this link at NO additional cost to you.

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