5 Essential Van Life Items for Women

1. Hair Ties

When you live in a van, you are bound to find yourself with a messy bun from time to time. I love these hair ties because they are seamless. This means that my hair doesn’t get caught and they are also pretty hard to break!

2. Hair Finishing Stick

Along with the messy bun, you will inevitably have fly-aways. A few strands hanging down in front can be cute, but you don’t want to look like a hot mess. Well, I don’t at least. To remedy that, I use this hair finishing stick. Honestly, the little hairs that don’t fit into my bun yet tickle the eczema on my neck so this really helps alleviate that.

3. Cleansing Wipes

Whether or not you have a shower in your van, you will rarely be taking a shower everyday. The reason might be to conserve the water in your tank, or just because you don’t feel like going to Planet Fitness for the 3rd day in a row that week. When it comes to taking care of ~down there~ you’ll have to find some alternative solutions. I have found that these wipes make it much easier. I have really sensitive skin and they work really well for me. Even if you can’t wash your whole body everyday, you still need to wash the important parts ;). These wipes are simply amazing for keeping you fresh.

4. Vanity Mirror

This is hands down one of my favorite things that I own. I used it even when I lived in a house. This mirror is awesome because it lights up your face perfectly. I found that doing my make up with this mirror makes it look so much better because I can see all of the details and there aren’t any shadows on my face like there is in bathroom lighting. It’s great for van life because it runs off of a USB, but you can also put AAA batteries in it if you are trying to conserve your battery bank as much as possible. If you’re looking for a solution for doing great make up in a van, this mirror is your key.

5. Vitamin C Serum

Okay so truth be told, I haven’t used this yet but I am dying to! After my facial toner runs out I’m going to get this. I don’t like any of the toner’s that I have tried so far, and some of them have been pretty pricey. I am looking for one thing to put on my face (besides my make up). I think skin care routines should be simple and to the point. When I get this serum I will update this article and let you know my thoughts!

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